Established in 1986 and headquartered in Hong Kong, with more than 1000 outstanding employees. Timax is a modern professional logistics enterprise integrating bonded warehousing, transportation, import and export, customs clearance and cross-border e-commerce. Based in Hong Kong and China, with a professional logistics management team, a complete global air and sea transportation network, more than 10 bonded and non bonded warehouses in Hong Kong and China. Also, a large domestic and Hong Kong transportation fleet, an effective warehousing management system with a complete electronic information system platform, we provide customers with a complete, safe and fast one-stop transportation service and VMI logistics solutions.

After more than 30 years of efforts, Timax has developed into one of the most comprehensive logistics service companies in the logistics industry. At the same time, we have always maintained good communication and contact with the Government, customs and other relevant departments, so as to play an active role in the operation of bonded logistics, and implement modern supply chain management ideas, advanced information technology and logistics technology as means, Through the integrated management of resource integration and logistics operation, it has become a modern enterprise with comprehensive competitive advantage, which can provide integrated logistics solutions and comprehensive logistics services in all aspects and multiple fields.

Corporate Aim

Inherit quality and pursue excellence

Corporate Spirit

Advocate management principle of "people-oriented, team cooperation", advocate working spirit of "diligence, steadfast" and improve quality of service and timeliness scientifically.

Corporate Values

Provide valuable services to customers. What is important to customers is equally important to the company. Always stand on the customer's position to solve all problems related to logistics for customers.

Our most important experience is

We have done what customers thought, and we help them think what they have not thought of.

Whole team of Timax all agree on

Provide tailor-made service to customers, and design a set of logistics scheme with highest efficiency and lowest cost for each customer as much as possible. Reduce the passage of goods through customs, loading and unloading, so as to reduce the probability of goods damage; perfect electronic platform gives customers timely goods tracking, which is also our best service combining the professional knowledge of industry operation and e-commerce technology.

Our Commitment

Sincere service attitude + professional service skills + excellent service quality + reasonable service price = high quality and fast import and export logistics services

Corporate Target

"Not the biggest, but the best". We are committed to creating first-class logistics enterprise culture, developing towards the direction of cultural management enterprises. However, the rise of corporate culture to a strategic position is undoubtedly conducive to the realization of customer-oriented business strategy. In this cultural atmosphere, Timax has been continuously promoted, and will eventually become a famous brand in the national and even international logistics market.